The two of us.

We have spent the better part of two decades together and it has been a tremendous ride.  
Although we have had our challenges, we have stayed together and we have stayed loving each other.  It may have been easier to walk away; like other couples do, we didn't and we haven't.  it is a challenge when you put two strong-willed people together to form a family, but one plus one, still equals two and no matter how you slice it, two is better than one.  We have continued to lean on God's word, and because of His mercy, we are still here together. living, learning, laughing and experiencing His continued blessings.

So, because of His continued blessings, we decided to share our experiences and Chef & Bride was formed. Designed as a way for us to share our love for God, people, places and yes sometimes things.  We are also here to help others reach a goal, manage a project or create an experience.  We realize now that sharing and building relationships is our journey, our passion and our sweet spot.  It is not a journey of self discovery, but of self-exploration. 

Chef and Bride officially became a culinary, lifestyle and social consultancy on January 13, 2016. Many of you know that we been helping others create meaningful experiences for years, from weddings to restaurant concepts to special events.   Now we are going to formally help others and do it together.  Obviously, DeJuan is Chef and Sharon is his bride.  We thought it was a fitting name, since we want to always think of ourselves with the "newlywed" spirit because it embodies connection, change, communication, relationship skills and hope for the future.  

We hope you will enjoy the ride and share this journey with us.